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Legislative Districts

27th 28th
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City of University Place

Primary ELECTION: August 7th, 2018

Welcome to the the 2018 Progressive Voters Guide! The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information you need to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility. Please return your ballot by August 7 and share this guide with your friends and family.

This guide only contains races that will be on your August 7th Primary Ballot. We will update the guide for the general election.


U.S. Senator

Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell photo

Senator Maria Cantwell was first elected in 2000 and continues to represent our state's progressive values in our nation's capital. Sen. Cantwell has been a leader on a wide range of issues, including reproductive rights, supporting the Children's Health Insurance Program, defending net neutrality, passing oil spill legislation to protect our water, working on clean energy policies, and much more.

There are 29 challengers in this race, but the most serious is Republican Susan Hutchison. Hutchison is a former news anchor and past chair of the state Republican Party. She ran for King County Executive in 2009 and lost by twenty points. Hutchison is well-known for being a party-line Republican and for her fierce defense of President Trump. Also running in this race is Joey Gibson, a far-right advocate who founded Patriot Prayer, a conservative "free speech" group that attracts largely white nationalists.

Sen. Cantwell has been a tireless advocate for the people of Washington state and is the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

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10th Congressional District

U.S. Representative, 10th Congressional District

Denny Heck

Denny Heck photo

Incumbent Denny Heck has had a long, effective career in both the private and public sectors. In Olympia, he served as a five-term state representative, House majority leader, chief of staff to former Gov. Booth Gardner, and is the co-founder of TVW, Washington state's public affairs network. In Congress, he has fought to make college more affordable, lower health care costs, ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve, and create middle class jobs. He supports immigration policies that create a path to citizenship, and has been working this year to help prevent health care premium increases due to Trump's policies.

Heck is running against Republican Joseph Brumbles, Independent Centrist Nancy Dailey Slotnick, and Independent Progressive Tamborine Borrelli. Brumbles is a business manager and a gun rights advocate. His campaign platform is undetailed and states that he is standing for "liberty." Slotnick is a U.S. Army veteran who seeks to reduce partisanship in politics and put people first. Borrelli is a small business owner and local activist who was inspired to run for office by Bernie Sanders' campaign. She is running to fully fund education, close unnecessary corporate tax loopholes, and to get money out of politics.

Heck is the best choice in this race.

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Legislative Races

Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below districts on your ballot.

27th Legislative District

State Representative, Position #1

Laurie Jinkins

Laurie Jinkins photo

Democratic Representative Laurie Jinkins has been a passionate and effective champion for progressive values, particularly in her fight for women, equality, and closing tax loopholes. She was the first lesbian to serve openly in the state Legislature, and helped pass marriage equality. Rep. Jinkins also sponsored bills to improve education funding and secured funding for a new low-income health clinic in Hilltop. She has advocated for a capital gains excise tax on the wealthy that would fund schools.

Her opponent, Kyle Paskewitz, is a business consultant and the founder of Family Court Reform Nation. He was a headlining speaker at a local "March for Our Rights" pro-gun rally, and believes that government should step back from providing services for people who are homeless or struggling with addiction.

Rep. Jinkins is by far the better far choice in this race.

Campaign Information

State Representative, Position #2

Jake Fey

Jake Fey photo

Democratic Representative Jake Fey is a reliable progressive who has championed youth, environmental, and education issues in his first few years in Olympia. As the son of German immigrants who helped raise his younger siblings at age 13 when his father passed away, Rep. Fey is very committed to ensuring future generations of Washingtonians have the support they need to succeed. Fey sponsored the Homeless Student Stability Act and a 2017 bill that extends foster care services for those who are 18 to 21 years old, increasing housing stability for these young people. He also proposed a ban on diesel delivery trucks that don't meet federal standards.

Rep. Fey is running against Donald Golden, who has only advanced an anti-Sound Transit message as his platform so far. Rep. Fey is the best choice in this race.

Campaign Information

28th Legislative District

State Representative, Position #1

Mari Leavitt

Mari Leavitt photo

Mari Leavitt is challenging Representative Dick Muri for the 28th Legislative District House Position 1. Leavitt is the deputy director of Pierce County Connections and a former president of the University Place PTSA. Through her community leadership, she has gained a vast amount of experience supporting veterans, enhancing early childhood learning, and promoting workforce development to help struggling families land on their feet. Leavitt believes we need to close corporate tax loopholes so that out-of-state corporations will finally pay what they owe. She'll work in Olympia to give our schools the funding they need and improve graduation rates so that students can excel after high school.

Leavitt is challenging far-right Republican Representative Dick Muri, who was appointed to fill the seat of Steve O'Ban when he was moved up to the Senate. This year, Rep. Muri doubled down on his conservative platform by voting against automatic voter registration, expanding access to women's health care, and a responsible gun storage bill.

Leavitt is the best choice in this race to bring new leadership to Olympia.

Campaign Information

State Representative, Position #2

Christine Kilduff

Christine Kilduff  photo

Rep. Christine Kilduff is a former University Place School Board member who serves as Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. She is a strong and effective advocate for improving economic opportunities in the district, strengthening our schools, and improving access to health care. She has also been a great advocate for veterans and military families during her time in the Legislature. This past session, Rep. Kilduff sponsored legislation to increase community outreach programs to veterans in rural and remote areas, ensuring they can access health care, education, and employment services. As a PTA parent, she has supported tuition freezes at two- and four-year colleges and a college loan bill of rights.

Rep. Kilduff is running against Republican Maia Espinoza, the Founder of the Center for Latino Leadership. While Espinoza avoids calling herself a Republican candidate on her website, her conservative policy positions and endorsements from prominent Republicans speak for themselves.

Rep. Kilduff has earned your vote for state House.

Campaign Information

Pierce County

Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney

Two veteran prosecutors are running for Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney: Mary Robnett and incumbent Mark Lindquist, both of whom have received progressive endorsements.

Mary Robnett

Mary Robnett photo

Mary Robnett spent 18 years working in the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's office. She worked in the office’s special assault unit before being promoted to Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor. Robnett now works as an Assistant Attorney General in the Sexually Violent Predators unit in Bob Ferguson’s office. She is running as a non-partisan candidate with a focus on de-politicizing and restoring integrity to the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's office, and letting veteran prosecutors do their job. She has very strong support in the legal and law enforcement communities.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Several local Democratic Party organizations
Pierce County Minority Bar Association rating: “Exceptionally Well Qualified”

Campaign Information

Mark Lindquist

Mark Lindquist photo

Mark Lindquist is running for his third term as Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney. He has earned a reputation for being a hard worker, and his accomplishments include forming an Elder Fraud and Identity Theft team to prosecute targeted scams against the elderly and helping increase penalties against drunk drivers. He has earned the support of many local progressive organizations.

Unfortunately, Lindquist has also generated several high-profile ethics controversies. He faced a whistleblower investigation that found he ran a highly politicized office and retaliated against subordinates and critics who disagreed with him. Lindquist is facing a formal bar disciplinary hearing for discussing an active murder trial on a national cable television show while the jury was still deliberating, against the advice of his staff. If Lindquist loses the case, his license to practice law could be suspended and he would be unable to carry out the duties of his office. In addition, Lindquist lost a long-running lawsuit over his refusal to release text messages in public disclosure requests, costing Pierce County more than $1 million in fines and fees. We also have concerns about Lindquist's lack of progress toward reducing racial inequities in the local criminal justice system.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Economic Justice: WA State Council of Firefighters
Other: Pierce County Central Labor Council, several local Democratic Party organizations

Campaign Information

Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council, District #1

Lorra Jackson

Lorra Jackson photo

Democrat Lorra Jackson is running to relieve traffic congestion, preserve farmland, and provide more public spaces for a growing population in Pierce County. She supports a $15 minimum wage in Pierce County and mass transit expansions for commuters and in future residential areas.

She is running against Republicans Sharon Hanek, Dave Morrell, and Milton Tremblay. Hanek has few concrete policy details available. She is promoting public safety, a business-friendly environment, property rights, and reversing Sound Transit taxes. Morrell is a former state representative running on a platform of public safety and fiscal responsibility. Tremblay is a veteran who self-describes his campaign as conservative and patriotic and is focused on fiscal responsibility.

We believe Jackson is the most progressive choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Pierce County Democrats, 25th LD Democrats

Campaign Information

Pierce County Council, District #5

Democrats Suzanne Skaar and Marty Campbell are both solid progressive candidates, though Campbell has wider support from local Democratic organizations.

Marty Campbell

Marty Campbell photo

Marty Campbell is a Community Association Manager and former Tacoma City Councilmember of 8 years. His campaign is focused on fully funding mental health services and supporting family wage jobs and local businesses. He wants to add electric vehicle infrastructure and solar incentives to the county's plans. He also supports affordable housing measures like increasing housing density where appropriate and increasing tiny housing options.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

27th Legislative District Democrats, 25th Legislative District Democrats, Pierce County Democrats

Campaign Information

Suzanne Skaar

Suzanne Skaar  photo

Suzanne Skaar is a vocational rehabilitation counselor and community activist. She currently serves on the South End Neighborhood Council Board, and has formerly served on Radio Tacoma’s Board of Directors and Tacoma's Human Rights Commission. Skaar is running to centralize government services to the food insecure, homeless, and underhoused, and aims to provide job programs in the clean energy sector and partner with local business to narrow the wage gap. She is committed to giving underrepresented communities a voice in local government.

Skaar and Campbell are running against Republican and perennial candidate Justin Van Dyk, who has no campaign information available.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Pierce County Democrats

Campaign Information


Pierce County Council, District #7

Derek M. Young

Derek M. Young photo
Pierce County Councilmember Derek Young is a former four-term Gig Harbor city councilmember. He has prioritized improving mental health services and environmental protections during his four years on the county council. He also serves on numerous boards representing Pierce County, including the National Association of Counties and the Puget Sound Regional Council Growth Management Policy Board. As a board member for Pierce Transit, Young fought to minimize cuts to public transportation options for Pierce County citizens.

He is running against Navy veteran and school board member David Olson, who is running on a standard Republican platform of public safety and fiscal responsibility.

Young's experience, ties to the communities, and knowledge of policy issues facing the county make him the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

General Progressive: Fuse WA
Environment: Washington Conservation Voters

Campaign Information

Pierce County District Court

Pierce County District Court, Judge, Position #6

Karl Williams

Karl Williams photo
Attorney Karl Williams is running for Pierce County District Court Position 6. With more than 30 years of legal and judicial experience, Williams is the most qualified candidate in this race. Williams has served as a Judge Pro Tem for the cities of Fife, Puyallup, and Ruston, as well as on the Pierce County District Courts for more than 20 years. Williams is focused on keeping communities safe, ensuring that justice is administered fairly, and making the courts more accessible to underserved populations. He is passionate about serving the greater Pierce County community and volunteers with a number youth organizations including University Place Youth Court and the Pierce County Minority Bar Association. While this is not Williams' first time running for a judicial seat, he is the candidate with the most direct experience. He has been rated "Exceptionally Well Qualified" by the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar, Washington Women Lawyers, and the Tacoma Pierce County Minority Bar Associations.

Also in the race are attorneys John Sheeran and Matthew F. Wareham. Sheeran has more than 22 years of trial and legal experience. He is the former Felony Division Chief and current Assistant Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor for Pierce County. Wareman is running to ensure that the Pierce County district court system does its part in addressing the opioid crisis, but provides little information about his legal experience.

Williams is the best choice for Pierce County District Court Position 6.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Bar Association Ratings:
Washington Women's Lawyers Association: "Exceptionally Well Qualified",
Tacoma Pierce County Minority Bar Association: "Exceptionally Well Qualified",
Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association: "Exceptionally Well Qualified"
Other: Pierce County Democrats, Pierce County Young Democrats

Campaign Information