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The election has huge implications for our families, our communities, and our state. Our goal is to make smart, informed voting based on progressive values easier for you. We worked with Washington's leading progressive organizations to produce a Progressive Voters Guide based on their endorsements - your ticket to highly informed recommendations about the races on your ballot.

The Progressive Voters Guide identifies the candidates with the most progressive track records and the ballot measure positions that will protect or promote progress in Washington.

Please forward this guide to your friends and family, and make sure your ballot is postmarked by Tuesday, November 6th.

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Return Ballots by November 6th

As a voter committed to real progress in Washington State, it is important that you cast your vote in every race and measure on your ballot. The race or measure you skip could be the one that keeps Washington from achieving equal rights for Washington's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and families, high-quality health care for all, excellence in education, real security for our most vulnerable neighbors and a cleaner, safer environment.

This Voters Guide identifies the candidates in your district with the greatest leadership or voting records on a variety of issue areas and the ballot measure positions that will make or impede progressive government in Washington. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice in as many match-ups on your ballot as possible.

Do your part to create a state committed to real progress. Learn who and what defines positive change in Washington today. Then vote your whole ballot by Nov. 6th. And please share this resource with your family, neighbors and friends.

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Thomas Bjorgen is listed in the Progressive Voters Guide with details below.

See our full list of candidates at http://ProgressiveVotersGuide.com

  • Thomas Bjorgen

    Thomas Bjorgen is a widely respected attorney with impressive legal and civic experience. In his 33-year legal career, Bjorgen worked as state Assistant Attorney General, counsel in the Legislature, and Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Thurston County. He wrote briefs for cases before the United States Supreme Court and argued cases before the Washington State Supreme Court. He is currently the Hearing Examiner for Thurston County and the cities of Olympia and DuPont, where he judges legal disputes about property development. His volunteer experience ranges from serving on the Board of the Washington Environmental council to helping establish the Volunteer Legal Clinic in Olympia.

    Bjorgen is running against prosecutor Pamela Loginsky, who doesn't have the same level of support or experience.

    Endorsements and Supporters include: Washington Conservation Voters



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